2019 Semiconductor Factory Rankings: Intel Wins, Huawei Hisilicon Grows Highest

This year, Samsung is expected to regain its position as the world’s no.1 semiconductor supplier, citing poor memory conditions, the research agency IC Insights said. In addition, excluding TSMC, a pure foundry, Huawei HiSilicon will rank 15th and share Sony’s growth with an annual increase of 24%.

According to the survey data, the world’s top 5 semiconductor suppliers this year are estimated to be Intel, Samsung, TSMC, sk hynix and Micron, while the 6-10 are Broadcom, Qualcomm, Ti, Toshiba and Huida. The 10-15th place is Sony, ST, Infineon, NXP and MediaTek.

It is worth noting that among the top 15 companies that showed positive annual growth were TSMC (1%), Sony (24%) and MediaTek (1%), with Sony’s main beneficiary image sensors (CMOS) having the strongest year-on-year performance. Overall, sales at the top 15 semiconductor companies in the first half of 2019 are expected to be 15% lower than last year, and 2 percentage points lower than the 13% decline in the global semiconductor industry.

IC Insights further analyzed that the memory market is expected to decline 34% this year, of which Samsung, SK hynix and Micron three major plants declined by more than 29%, and SK hynix fell the most, with an estimated 38% annual decline. Intel is expected to become the largest semiconductor supplier again, with full-year sales estimated to be 26% higher than Samsung’s, following Samsung’s weak performance.

In addition, IC Insights pointed out that the top 15 plants include TSMC 1 pure fab factory and 4 fabless plants, if TSMC is excluded, Huawei Hayes will be ranked 15th, with total sales estimated to increase 24% to $7.5 billion a year.

2019 Semiconductor Factory Rankings: Intel Wins, Huawei Hayes Grows Highest

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