Huawei Lu Yong: If every component has to do it yourself, it is impossible to integrate into the best products

“Only by building China’s 5G with an open and cooperative attitude can make the world’s most advanced 5G technology, the most advanced 5G products and solutions must be applied to China’s 5G network to construct the world’s leading 5G network and user experience, and at the same time, we can better promote 5G personal business innovation and industrial innovation.”

Lu Yong, president of Huawei’s China regional division, said that China 5G is not a 5G for Chinese manufacturers, and actively welcomes communication equipment manufacturers, terminal manufacturers and industry partners from all over the world to join china in 5G construction and industrial innovation.

华为鲁勇:如果每个零部件都要自己做 不可能整合成最好的产品

Huawei is “very firmly supportive” of the chinese government and Chinese operators facing 5G construction with an open and cooperative attitude. Lu Yong said at the 2019 China International Information and Communication Exhibition (PT Exhibition) before the media pre-communication conference, since the start of the 5G construction plan, Western manufacturers have joined China’s 5G construction army, through the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology IMT-2020 (5G) propulsion group three-stage testing, thera are the presence of Western manufacturers At the same time, all Western manufacturers are based on their own technology characteristics or product/solution layout, all completed all three stages of all or part of the test items, have passed the entry threshold of China’s 5G network equipment manufacturers.

“It is worth mentioning that Western manufacturers are actively involved in China’s 5G construction, and currently maintain the number of 4G-era cities in 5G shares, and have obtained a 40% share of the core network tender. He revealed.

In addition, Huawei adheres to the path of globalization, through the global division of labor and collaboration, with the best parts from various companies to integrate into the best products for humanity.

“If every component has to be done on its own, it is impossible to integrate into the best products. We must rely on the globalization of the division of labor and cooperation, in order to achieve continuous advanced. We are willing to work with friends and businessmen like Huawei who are down-to-earth and hard-working for 5G technology to promote the sustainable development of 5G technology. Lu Yong declared that Huawei welcomes the sincere cooperation of all those who truly understand 5G technology and industry, including national operators and industry partners, major global industry organizations, and governments and countries that really want economic and industrial development.

Huawei in the IMT-2020 (5G) propulsion group three-stage test, with the support of Western manufacturers, the first to complete the cross-operation test from the Western manufacturers from chip to system-level, at the same time, Huawei Haise also worked with western manufacturers to complete the Huawei 5G terminal chip and equipment interoperability testing, This means that Huawei’s mobile phones can be adapted to the network equipment of each manufacturer, while its network equipment can be adapted to the manufacturer’s terminal chip.

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