Microsoft emptys Xbox One X models months before Xbox Series X goes on sale

Microsoft is due to launch its next-generation Xbox Series X console later this year, but during the months-long window window window, players will have to look for the previous generation of Xbox models. However, Press Start recently found that Australia’s two largest video game chains, JB Hi-Fi and EB Games, have emptied the Xbox One X model. While removing the relevant SKUs from the system, they also fail to give a realistic estimate schedule.

Microsoft emptys Xbox One X models months before Xbox Series X goes on sale

Looking back at the release of new hosts over the past, we are not surprised by this situation. In addition to Australia, the United States and other markets will be in a similar situation.

And even if you click the xbox One X link on the Microsoft Store page in Australia, you’ll be jumped to the Xbox One S page and all Xbox One X models are sold out.

If you really want to play Xbox, there’s only one new xbox One S candidate (and then soon because of next-generation consoles).

Microsoft is widely expected to officially launch the Xbox Series X in November-December, and it doesn’t make much sense to continue producing older models unless the company is willing to increase its appeal by cutting prices for older models.

In addition, from a marketing perspective, emptying the inventory of old machines can also prevent consumers from being given various models to the cloud. After all, it’s hard to tell the difference between the Xbox One S/Digital and the Xbox One X/Series X if you’re not a professional.

As for the legendary Xbox Series S model, which is more affordable than the Xbox Series X, it’s unclear whether it will arrive at the same time.