America’s 5G promotion problem? FCC wants public auction of C-band protested by satellite companies

Ajit Pai, chairman of the Federal Communications Commission , said he would press for a public auction of the 5G service’s C-band wireless spectrum, the Wall Street Journal reported. The band is a 4GHz to 8GHz band often used by satellite companies, but Pai believes this will help the FCC quickly clean up the “important” band, which will make money for the government and ensure continued delivery of existing services, despite opposition from some satellite operators.

America's 5G promotion problem? FCC wants public auction of C-band protested by satellite companies

In order to advance the C-band wireless spectrum auction plan, after careful consideration, Pai hopes to auction off the 280MHz band first.

Operators such as Verizon are urging the FCC to provide the C-band as soon as possible, which will help achieve ultra-high-speed wireless downloads and more powerful mobile device performance. But because the band has been used by satellite companies to transmit television signals, it has been in a state of limbo.

An FCC official told the Wall Street Journal that the regulator hopes to vote on the C-band auction in 2020 and start by the end of the year.

The potential gains of tens of billions of dollars are at stake. Industry giants such as Intelsat and SES are not opposed to selling their spectrum, but they want to share the proceeds through private auctions, claiming that the Federal Communications Commission does not have the authority to confiscate the spectrum in use without compensation. Public auctions are the opposite.

The C-Band alliance, which represents satellite companies, has hinted at a protracted lawsuit if the FCC advances. Operators also disagree. The Company, which owns DirecTV, said the C-band was an opportunity, but also wanted compensation and a reasonable transition plan to avoid disruption. Verizon also wants the right incentives and protections to ensure fast processing.

There is no doubt that America’s 5G technology is experiencing problems. Both at T and Verizon must run their current 5G networks in very high bands, making signals hard to find and easily lost. Although the C-band is still higher than the LTE band currently in use, it can provide greater coverage and capacity, which is critical to the promotion of 5G networks in the United States. (Proofing/Holly)

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