female college students buy iPhone 11 for rental: Renters want to enjoy the fresh of or show off

October 26 news, ” female college students buy iPhone for  rental” caused concern. According to media reports, post-95 girl Xiaohan is a senior at a university in Changchun, in an e-commerce platform interest-free installment to buy an iPhone 11, and rent it to other students.

Xiaohan in an interview with the media, said that the accidentlly saw a platform double eleven campaign, iPhone 11 24 month plan and interest-free, calculated down for only a day less than 8 yuan, then sprouted the idea of buying and renting.


According to media reports, Xiaohan‘s  rented iphone 11 daily cost is 50 yuan,  a month can have 1500 yuan of income.

Xiaohan said that the iPhone 11 is very popular in the student population, buying  iPhone 11 to do the shared mobile phone business is to those who want to taste the fresh, but do not want to spend money to buy , there are some students are to “show off”, the current service has not been online, but someone has made an appointment …

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