Microsoft confirms that Xbox Series X no longer supports Kinect.

Microsoft’s next-generation gaming console, Xbox Series X, will no longer support Kinect peripherals. In an official blog post updated today, Phil Spencer, the head of the Xbox division, confirmed the news and said the Project xCloud Cloud Games service will be included free of charge in the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Subscription, which went live in September.

Microsoft confirms that Xbox Series X no longer supports Kinect.

In a blog post, Phil Spencer said: “When the Xbox Series X was released, we planned to make all Xbox One games available without kinect. And thanks to the unprecedented power of the Xbox Series X, most of your favorite games load faster on new consoles and look and perform many times better. “

In an interview withmedia The Verge, Spencer said: “Kinect can’t run on a new host.” This is somewhat surprising, as the Xbox Series X will apparently use the same operating system as the Xbox One S/Xbox One X console, which still supports Kinect with a USB adapter. However, the accessory was discontinued in 2018 and Kinect 2.0 a year later.

The original Xbox One console, launched in 2013, included a Kinect in the box, and Microsoft hopes the wide range of accessories will drive more game developers to make Kinect games. But there’s not much support from game developers and consumers, and there’s no tying Kinect 2.0 accessories in the cheaper Xbox One set.

Microsoft’s Kinect technology also works in other products, such as The Azure Kinect DK camera, which developers can use to build computer vision and voice models. Kinect fans can still use the accessory on Xbox One consoles, but Kinect voice commands can now be replaced by Alexa and Google Assistant.