Intel i9-10850K on the shelves ahead of time: the overclocked 10 cores are “cheap”.

Intel’s 10th generation desktop-grade Core processors are already on the market, but for a variety of reasons, they’re not cheap. For example, the top i9-10900K, 10 core 20 threads, the highest frequency up to 5.3GHz, but also overclocking, the price has come to 4499 yuan, some spot even was scrambled to 5000 yuan. Recently we found that Intel is still preparing a flagship i9-10850K, detection shows that it is still 10 core 20 threads, 20MB three-level cache. Only the benchmark, the frequency rate has been reduced by 100MHz, to 3.6GHz start, 5.2GHz cap, probably to meet the Ryzen 3000XT series.

Now, there are foreign e-commerce in advance of the i9-10850K on the shelf, specifications are not expected, but did not disclose more, such as full core turbo, thermal design power consumption, it is estimated that the former will be slightly reduced to 4.4GHz, the latter maintained 125W.

The price is about $445, about 12% lower than the i9-10900K in the same store, and should be controlled at a maximum of about 4,000 yuan or less.

i9-10900K Purchase Link: (4499 yuan)

Interestingly, the store said the i9-10850K will use the same chic box as the i9-10900K to highlight the identity, and certainly does not rule out the merchant’s lazy direct use of pictures.