Facebook began tagging u.S. federal officials and candidates’ voting posts.

On Thursday, local time, Facebook began tagging U.S. federal officials and voting posts for candidates, including presidential candidates,media reported. The tag is designed to give people trusted information about the election, but it appears on the post regardless of whether the post contains an error message. Currently, the label will point to the official website usa.gov/voting with voting information. Posts about email voting will point to usa.gov/absentee-voting.

Facebook began tagging u.S. federal officials and candidates' voting posts.

In June, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced plans to tag posts about voting and take other steps to combat voter suppression. The company plans to eventually extend the tags to everyone’s posts about voting, not just federal officials and candidates.

Facebook has been accused of not doing enough to crack down on disinformation, such as allowing politicians to lie in ads that are not fact-checked on the platform. During the 2016 U.S. presidential election, Russian “jets” used social networks to spread a lot of false information.

Nearly half of all “best performing posts” on Facebook that mention edited by mail were false or misleading, according to a report released Thursday by ProPublica and the nonprofit First Draft.