Twitter is pushing new tools for developers: It will do a better job of fighting hate speech.

On Thursday, local time, Twitter said it plans to release new tools for developers to create features and apps to combat hate speech, help businesses better understand customers and help users find information faster,media reported. The company is expected to launch a new version of its app programming interface next week. In fact, the new API was originally scheduled for launch on Thursday, but Twitter delayed the launch after hackers took control of the accounts of well-known users, including Microsoft founder Bill Gates and former President Barack Obama.

Twitter is pushing new tools for developers: It will do a better job of fighting hate speech.

A Twitter spokesman said Wednesday that the company has found no evidence that the incident is linked to the company’s API, but that Twitter puts the safety and safety of its users first when it comes to launching new tools.

An API allows two software to interact with each other, allowing developers to develop new applications, features, and robots using Twitter’s public data.

Academic researchers can use data from social networks to understand what users think of the new crown virus, understand hate speech, and analyze topics such as climate change. Developers have already addressed Twitter’s harassment problem by creating an app to filter out users who are more likely to send unwanted tweets to users. The site has social media management tools and bots to share images and group emojis.

External developers have been involved in some of Twitter’s early features, developing mobile apps and search engines for the site. While more than 10 million developers have developed new tools using Twitter’s API, the social network wants its partners to do more.

The updated API will bring new features such as chat threads, voting results in tweets, fixed tweets in your profile, and spam filtering. Twitter also said that for the first time since 2012, it has built a new foundation for the API to allow the company to add more features more quickly. Twitter also says developers can create new apps more easily and quickly through the API.