Chrome 78 Stable Release: “Close Other Tabs” option returns

In the stable version of Chrome 78 released today, the “Close Other Tabs” option returns from the right-click menu. Chrome 78.0.3904.0.108 Stable Update also includes five security fixes. So users can open the Chrome browser click help menu, check for available updates, or download the installation based on the link below this article.

In the update log, reference was made to the focus on the “Close Other Tabs” option regression. In the BUG, Chromium engineers indicated that the tab option had been removed before, but after listening to user feedback, they decided to reintroduce it. And engineers say Chrome UI doesn’t offer other ways, such as extensions mentioned earlier, to close other tags in the browser.

The update log reads:

The “Close Other Tabs” option has been removed in the discussion ( However, after further consideration, including other usage analysis and user feedback, we decided to restore the “Close Other Tabs” option to the label right-click menu.

Google Chrome v78 Official Edition brings a number of features and improvements that are enabled by default on Windows 10 (Version 1511 plus) system. A built-in password checker has also been introduced to alert users if they notice an exception while they’re signed in, to allow users to add wallpapers to new tabs, and to install topics from the Chrome Web Store.

Google Chrome Stable Offline Installation Pack Official local download address:

Chrome 78.0.3904.108 x86:



Chrome 78.0.3904.108 x64:



Net disk shunt download:

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