It’s not just mobile Microsoft Project xCloud’s goal is to log on to any screen device.

Microsoft’s cloud gaming service Project xCloud has confirmed it will be released in September and will be included in the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription service. In a recent interview with Foreign Media The Verge, Xbox executive Phil Spencer said Project xCloud’s business model and platform size would expand further.

It's not just mobile Microsoft Project xCloud's goal is to log on to any screen device.

While Project xCloud is primarily on mobile devices, the ultimate goal is to provide availability and a smooth gaming experience for “anyone in the future who can access streaming games from any screen.” Spencer represents.

Over time, we will continue to expand the size of streaming games to allow you to play games outside of the subscription section. The service will be integrated into the Ultimate subscription and the user will not be charged extra. It’s a great start for us, and for the players who play a lot of games.

Our goal is to bring Project xCloud to any screen device. At this stage, the service is limited to mobile devices. However, we are actively discussing and resolving some issues. We’ll talk more specifically about which mobile devices through the August and September launches.

I want the trial of the game to be as simple as today’s music and video, and I can send you a song on Spotify today and you can hear it right away. Over time, a game anywhere can enter the game.

It’s also worth noting that Project xCloud is not the final name for Microsoft’s cloud gaming service, and a new name should be announced when it is officially released in September.