NASA promotes cold rock radio: It’s been running for more than eight years

According tomedia reports, you may know Spotify, Apple Music or iHeartRadio, but few people know About Third Rock Radio. It’s actually a radio station operated with NASA’s help, and it’s been running for more than eight years. To remind people of this fact, NASA recently decided to re-release the station’s promotional video.

NASA promotes cold rock radio: It's been running for more than eight years

Third Rock Radio, as the name suggests, is a radio elevator that plays rock music. Among them, the third rock represents the position of the Earth to the sun — the third planet. The station plays all kinds of rock music, which often have some casual connection with science or space. Basically, if the name of a rock song contains words such as “moon,” “sky, ” or “rocket, ” it’s all played.

In addition, the station will occasionally intersperse some scientific content and interview scientists in related fields and others. The time span of music heard by listeners is also very large, and sometimes old songs from decades ago may sometimes be new songs that have been released recently.

Anyway, if you like rock music and science, tharid Rock is definitely a radio station worth listening to.

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