Microsoft wants to introduce VS Code to arm versions of Macs.

Apple announced its first ARM-based processor last month. Now, Microsoft says it plans to introduce the cross-platform code editor Visual Studio Code (VS Code) into Apple’s Silicon devices. Steve Sinofsky, a former Microsoft Windows executive, has said Apple’s new Arm-based Mac will be the “ultimate developer PC”. Early benchmarks also showed that the new Mac was better than Microsoft’s Surface Pro X.

Data shows that up to 11 million developers use VS Code, Microsoft has not provided VS Code support for Macs. So it’s no surprise that Microsoft now has the idea of introducing VS Code to Arm-based Macs for a variety of reasons.

Currently, the Electron team is reviewing work that needs to be done across Electron, ecosystem, and its dependencies to provide support for Apple Silicon and macOS 11.

Microsoft wants to introduce VS Code to arm versions of Macs.

A Microsoft spokesman told ZDNet, “We will certainly increase support for Mac/ARM in VS Code.” We don’t have a timetable yet, but our team is working on it. There are a large number of VS Code users on macOS, so we’re also working to support them on new hardware. “

In addition, the spokesman said, “Supporting the new architecture also requires ensuring that the VS Code extension works on the chip.” “

Most extensions in VS Code Marketplace are written in portable languages such as JavaScript or TypeScript. However, some rely on native binaries. We have identified the most popular extensions with local dependencies. We are working with their maintainers to ensure that they can also be updated to run on ARM on all operating systems. “

On the other hand, there are also requests for formal VS Code support for Raspberry Pi 4 and Debian-based Raspberry Pi OS.