The Great Pyramid Asteroid 2022 Hit Earth? NASA’s close observation

A 128-meter-long asteroid near the size of the pyramidins in Giza, Egypt, could collide with Earth on May 6, 2022, NASA scientists said. NASA has just announced the timing of the JF1 giant asteroid’s continued orbit that will collide with Earth, Russian satellite news agency reported. It is worth noting that this time is not far away.

The Great Pyramid Asteroid 2022 Hit Earth? NASA's close observation


NASA predicts that the 128-meter-long asteroid, near the size of the pyramidines in Giza, Egypt, could collide with Earth on May 6, 2022. Scientists have determined that JF1’s energy attack on Earth is close to 230 tons of TNT, 15 times the size of Hiroshima’s atomic bomb, and that in just a few seconds it can wreak havoc, wipe out entire cities and kill millions of people.

A 2018 White House report on the dangers of an asteroid impact says larger NEO objects of more than 140 meters could wreak havoc across the region, hitting Earth with at least 60 megatons of TNT, more fearful than the most powerful nuclear weapon ever tested.

Fortunately, the report also notes that large NEOs are less common and easier to detect and track than small NEO objects.

Although NASA says the asteroid’s 2.6 percent chance of hitting Earth on the expected date is still small, NASA’s monitoring system Sentinel will continue to monitor its motion closely because of its sheer size and potential damage to the collision.

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