AirPods Pro vs. Powerbeats Pro Quality Subjective Measures

I haven’t written a review for a long time, and this time it’s over. Apple’s first-generation ear was born at the peak of the iPod, in the age of sensied flat-head plugs, with a white headphone cord sticking out of your pocket and you’re the most handsome on the street. Tulip styling is the sexiest of all past apple earbuds, but the asymmetrically designed silicone sleeve is sacrificed to wear, prone to wrinkles and leakage when entering the ear, losing low frequencies.

AirPods Pro vs. Powerbeats Pro Quality Subjective Measures

In fact, the original low frequency performance is a very strong type, because it is a micro-ring, high frequency is also lack of good, in general, the iPod standard headphones a sound quality upgrade, and very cheap.

AirPods Pro vs. Powerbeats Pro Quality Subjective Measures

About ten years later, Apple’s second-generation ear-to-ear release, the main high-quality, breaking ground with UE’s double-acting iron, in the IE8/TF10/small four-killing era, after the launch was the cheapest double-acting iron on the market at that time, had to say is conscience. The sound quality benefits from the dynamic iron unique high resolution force, high-frequency straight-out clouds dial clouds scattered fog, although high and low 2 frequency but the medium frequency is not concave, the lack of low frequency and most of the single/double-motion iron like no subduction and sense of volume, three-frequency thickness is not enough. In the end, poor sales also cut the price once.

AirPods Pro vs. Powerbeats Pro Quality Subjective Measures

Three years after the release of Airpods, a third generation has finally arrived. After watching the dismantling of Airpods pro, in such a small size to add noise reduction, had to admire Apple’s strong chip design integration capabilities, is absolutely the most powerful black technology in the headphone industry, do not know how traditional headphone manufacturers feel … Perhaps they will question whether the sound quality is in line with the 2K price point, sound quality is also music enthusiasts most concerned about the quality of the headset.

AirPods Pro vs. Powerbeats Pro Quality Subjective Measures

Airpods/Powerbeats Pro/SE846/IE8/IE800/Bose700… Compare the Airpods with the same-door wireless-in-ear Powerbeats Pro as subjective listening.

Given the iPhone’s Bluetooth protocol ancestral AAC encoding, the phone’s local PCM format is sufficient, and the local library is shuffling in pop/rock/jazz/electronics/classical. About the advantages and disadvantages of AAC coding, the derogatory, 320K bandwidth seems to be in front of DSD players is listening to a sound, but from the Airpods stable and smooth transmission experience is crushed all other TWS Bluetooth headsets on the market, this year also launched a dual Airpods connection, that is, 4 main connection, still smooth, this is the big law of the LDAC protocol under the next pair of headphones occupy half of the Bluetooth 5.0 physical bandwidth is not able to do so.

The Powerbeats Pro was chosen for reference because it is also a “Beats label” with Apple product numbers and chips, and the same Bluetooth audio protocol is more objective under the same source. Hopefully, I’m hoping to give some help to friends who are struggling to buy which iPhone headset.

AirPods Pro vs. Powerbeats Pro Quality Subjective Measures

Initially listening to the sound orientation is a more positive tuning, inherited a very dry Apple tone.

The high-frequency of the Airpods Pro is not particularly colorful, but not boring, and the knotised clearly, but there is no second-generation dazzling luster.

The Airpods Pro’s medium frequency is very close, not as close as Shure but much closer than Beats, the junction is very dense but the control is slightly worse, the vocal energy reaches a peak and then flattens! What does flat mean, is an original three-dimensional sound, like taking a picture of the same flashing, appear flattened, which reflects the mid-frequency ring is problematic. Do not know whether it is the cause of noise reduction, particle sense is also very heavy, not very delicate. The overall speed of vocals is a bit slow, the vocal cords are lazy and mature. For example, if Powerbeats Pro listens to spicy chicken in the gym, then Airpods Pro listens to Macy Gray in Studio.

Thanks to noise reduction, the Airpods Pro background is dark enough, but it also exposes the narrow sound field. On the medium-high frequency instrument separation degree is OK, roughly wrong on the left ear to the right ear of a straight line, the vertical is relatively poor.

The Airpods pro’s low-frequency dives and volume are less like the Powerbeats Pro, but the punches to the meat are no longer like Airpods. Although the low frequency has a rib sense, but the low frequency of the analytical power and elasticity has not been improved in the listening sense, still dry.

To say this is the problem of sense of volume, not much is good, sometimes too much on the impact of the balance, distorted the author’s original intention. The Airpods range tastes flat, but Beats brings you into the nightclub.

Compared with the Powerbeats Pro’s strong low frequency and vooous vocals, the Airpods Pro is more rational and the three-frequency structure is more solid and complete, making it a healthier listening sound. There is a clear gap between the medium and low frequencies of the Powerbeats Pro, which appears to have a larger sound field and a wider vocal voice. The Airpods Pro has a huge boost compared to Airpods in terms of mid-frequency density and low-frequency sense, and it’s not just about ear-to-ear, you’ll find the sound very cloudy if you just give the Airpods a new ear socket.

Overall, Airpods Pro is still digital, long listening easy tired, was born in the current Billboard electric sound of the era, Airpods Pro on the popular music is familiar, the interpretation of traditional instruments less flavor. You can look at the online disassembly video, perhaps because of the ultra-high integration, where the tone is…

Looking back at the Airpods, you’d think the Airpods were very dry and empty, and the sound domain was floating in the air, but because of the open Airpods, the sound field is significantly stronger than the Airpods Pro and slightly better than the Powerbeats Pro.

If let me sum up the ranking sit as follows, God do not spray:

Parsing Powerbeats Proandos Pro

High-frequency Powerbeats Pros and Airpods Pro

Mid-frequency Airpods Pro

Low-frequency Powerbeats Pro; Airpods Pro; Airpods

Soundfield Airpods Pro

Overtone Scented Powerbeats Pro; Airpods

Just look at the sound quality:

Airpods 60 min

Airpods Pro 75 min

Powerbeats Pro 80 points

AirPods Pro vs. Powerbeats Pro Quality Subjective Measures

Wearing on or relatively strong can not be thrown off, the sleeve is not deep, there will be no wearing the illusion, not as serious as the traditional in-ear intrusion, but also far less comfortable than Bose. Airpods are light and may let you run out of batteries if they don’t fall, but the Airpods Pro is stuffy for an hour, and the Powerbeats Pro is not friendly to the glasses brother because it’s a ear-hanging design. Airpods Pro is the balance between the two, in terms of the wear experience alone.

Sound quality combines volume and wear:

Airpods 85 min (Invincible comfort)

Airpod Pro 80 min

Powerbeats Pro 75 min

Noise reduction function, both ears put on the opening of noise reduction, can have a very obvious sense, no noise reduction small white will WOW, personal feeling noise reduction performance is not as good as Bose700, the latter with the post-world dark. Noise reduction can be turned off via a key on the headset handle or turned on in the phone’s Bluetooth settings, the interactive design of the touch button is very delicate, and the taptic Engine-like feel feedback is truly extreme. There is no comparison of Sony’s noise-cancelling beans on hand, and Wang said the road test was better than the WF-1000XM3.

More interesting is that the Bluetooth interface opens the headset settings after the detection earbuds in the ear canal closed function, this if there are shortcuts on the drop-down menu may be better.

AirPods Pro vs. Powerbeats Pro Quality Subjective Measures

Finally, say Apple perverted product control, the various components between the completely unstitched, silicone ear liner white and the white of the case is almost identical, the disadvantage is a little thin, with a while to see if it will change color aging bar (cook sware wave to you, aging and then buy ah)

AirPods Pro vs. Powerbeats Pro Quality Subjective Measures

AirPods Pro vs. Powerbeats Pro Quality Subjective Measures

Summarize the pros and cons:


1. It’s not very good to take out from the charging case, the finger can’t find the keyed out.

2. Used to use Airpods users plug airpods Pro back to the charging box when the headphones plug in the direction of relatively opposite, this takes time to adapt, which is a bit awkward for users of the two headphones double repair.

3. The range is slightly less than normal airpods unless noise reduction is switched off.

4. The vocals are not very good.


1. Has complete noise reduction function and thousand-level wired in-ear earbuds at very small size.

2. Wearing and comfort is very good, it can be said that there are few opponents in the wireless earbuds.

3. Smooth Bluetooth connection

4. Excellent iOS user experience.

If you’re an iPhone user, you don’t have to choose, and the user experience is unlikely to have more than the Airpods range. The Powerbeats Pro box is too big to be crammed into the pocket (there is no wireless charge), the Airpod Pro’s wireless charging case is slightly larger than the Airpods’, and can still be elegantly tucked into the pocket, making the 1888 Powerbeats Pro very embarrassing.

I think even if the noise reduction is removed in exchange for a further increase in battery life and a further reduction in size, it is still worth buying. The Airpod Pro also comes with a type-c to lightning line, which is waterproof and can be given.

For the target user population, the two Airpods can overlap, airpods for open office/home environments, Airpods Pro for commuter/aircraft/high-speed rail to create private space.

If you are an Android user with a need for noise reduction, it is recommended that you choose sony WF-1000XM3.

Apple’s move on wireless headphones was no less than the iPod it launched at the peak of Walkman. There are few wireless earplugs on the market, some say Apple’s wireless headphonetechnology is three to five years ahead of its rivals, and in July it broke after Sony’s second-generation noise-cancelling bean, but now the race seems to be back to its starting point.

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