No version of mobile game from August off the shelves to wash white and go out to sea into the game manufacturers must go through the road.

Just last week Apple issued a notice to developers that games on the App Store in China must be filled in with version number information, or they will be forced off the shelves after August 1, and games without a version number from July 1st will not be updated, and mobile game makers on the black market will be looking for a way out.

No version of mobile game from August off the shelves to wash white and go out to sea into the game manufacturers must go through the road.

The market without editionnumbers will become a black market.

China’s Mobile game market will generate nearly 160 billion yuan in revenue in 2019, according to the 2019 China Gaming Industry Report, but it’s hard to imagine such a huge industry largely living in a gray area. It is common sense that publications (including games) require state approval for publication, but the fact is that the number of Mobile games that get the number of edition numbers is actually a minority in the overall environment.

Since 2016, the main Android App Store has required licensing for games on the shelves, but the policy has never been implemented on Apple’s App Store, so the App Store has become a “black market” for game makers that don’t get a version number, and it’s growing to this day.

On Apple’s China App Store, the total number of mobile game of all types reached 220,000, but the real machine has only more than 20,000 version of the game, the proportion of no version number as high as nearly 90%, it is such a no-page game as the cornerstone of such a huge market, I am afraid in any industry is unimaginable. And that’s the reality.

Apple’s off-shelf will reach a huge number of practitioners.

Apple’s ultimatum was held on July 31st, but since the beginning of July, a huge number of games have been withdrawn from the App Store in China, and data show that more than 2,500 games have been launched in the first week of July, with a cumulative revenue of $34.7 million in China and 133.4 million downloads.

As mentioned earlier, there are nearly 200,000 games in the Apple Store without a number of editions, and if they are all dropped on August 1st, the gaming companies and practitioners behind them will face the most realistic survival test.

At present, the main affected subjects are two parties, one is in China’s App Store issued foreign games, these games are also launched in other overseas markets, and the Chinese market is not very large, so the impact of this incident has, but not fatal.

On the other side are small and medium-sized gaming companies in China, which are generally less risk-resistant and vulnerable to policy influences. The suspension of the 2018 game number brought a large number of game makers into bankruptcy and closed, and it was this “loophole” in the Apple App Store that kept some of the no-page vendors alive until now, and this time Apple’s new policy may kill another group of small and medium-sized game makers.

Edition number application queue to 175 years later. 

Perhaps some people will say, since there is such a strict policy, then honest application version is not good, but the fact is that the current version number is indeed difficult to find. Putting aside the requirements of the approval process, the current approval speed, also can not meet the needs of the market.

Since the end of 2018, the number of game numberapproval has been on the decline, as of July, this year only 666 games have been reviewed, an average of 95 per month. At this rate of approval, it would take 2105 months, or 175 years, for all 200,000 games on the App Store to be reviewed without a version number.

This is undoubtedly telling the market, China is now too many games, we go to other industries. Turn inge, or continue to walk in the gray area, this is placed in Front of China’s small and medium-sized game manufacturers a test question.

Perhaps someone has made the answer, the market sets, rental number of the “black market” business has appeared, but know that these will be governed, just left to the way out of where?

It is better to be willing to be exploited by big factories than to die.

In the version of the application, the head of the large factory has a natural advantage, which will inevitably lead to small and medium-sized game manufacturers in order to be able to survive and have to move closer to the big factory, such as co-operation, packaging and sale or simply being acquired. In short, in such non-reciprocal transactions, large factories will certainly be the side of the benefits, holding channels and resources, the head of the manufacturers for China’s game market control will be because of the copyright advantage simply become more substantive, small and medium-sized manufacturers are faced with the inevitable is further squeezed, monopoly trust seems inevitable.

But if exploited and directly killed, most manufacturers will choose to leave at least one life.

The game exporter or hope.

Game software is also software, game software export is also software export. According to the 2019 China Game Industry Report, China’s independent research and development games in 2019 in overseas markets revenue reached 11.59 billion U.S. dollars, a growth rate of 21%, far higher than the domestic growth rate. Gamma data research shows that Chinese games in the United States, Japan, South Korea, Britain, Germany and other countries, the year-on-year growth rate of the water is higher than the country’s average market growth rate, it is clear that domestic Mobile game in overseas markets are popular.

In fact, as the world’s most developed Mobile game market, China has indeed produced a large number of combative manufacturers, China’s Mobile game whether in research and development capabilities, user operations, game psychology research and other aspects are beyond the overseas Mobile game, these manufacturers are killed from the blood of the mountain, as long as a little localization work, can quickly occupy the market.


Game software is a cultural publication, the number is inevitable, but the survival of game manufacturers developers is also necessary.