7nm Navi launch year AMD reviews home graphics cards: 20% ahead of N cards

By July 7 this year, AMD’s 7nm Navi series of graphics cards was on the market for the first anniversary, the beginning of a new RDNA architecture, which now has the RX 5700/5600/5500 series. In its latest promotional material, AMD says the RX 5000 Series graphics cards are up to 20% of the best performance of N-cards.

Is the 7nm Navi graphics card performing so well? Yes, but AMD comparison is not all Of N’s graphics card, because AMD’s current highest-end RX 5700 XT graphics card price is also more than 3000 points, can only be compared with NVIDIA’s RTX 2070 series graphics card peer, no high competition.

7nm Navi launch year AMD reviews home graphics cards: 20% ahead of N cards

In AMD’s latest promotional materials, the official and compared RX 5500 XT, RX 5600 XT, RX 5700 and RX 5700 XT four graphics cards, respectively, the STANDARD GTX 1650, GTX 1660 Ti, RTX 2060 and RTX 2070 graphics cards, the performance lead is less than 8%, more than 20%.

Of course, for NVIDIA, the RTX 2070 graphics card is now out of the top few in the product sequence, not to mention RTX Titan graphics, RTX 2070 Super, RTX 2080 Super, RTX 2080 Super, RTX 2080 Ti is also a higher than a higher-end.

What’s more, NVIDIA is now not playing the RTX 20 series in accuracy, the Turing family’s graphics card will soon be discontinued, september will be the turn of the Ampere family’s RTX 30 series, performance and price will be a step up.

As for AMD, the RX 5000 series of RDNA architecture is not yet on the market, and this year there will be the RDNA2 architecture of the big Navi series, the architecture energy efficiency increase of another 50%, but also support hardware light speed, the technical level will not be worse than Turing, the flagship performance is said to be 50% higher than the RTX 2080 Ti, is expected to be available in September.