FydeOS Releases Surface Pro 3, 4, 5 Special Adaptations

FydeOS for You is a FydeOS release released by the Innovation team. Unlike FydeOS for PCs, FydeOS for You will be divided into versions of specific brand models or hardware family devices that are optimized to deliver a better user experience.

FydeOS is an operating system based on the Chromium OS open source project that creates a local account login without Google service, has a full desktop version of the Chromium browser, and is cloud-driven for the future with container technology compatible with Android and LINUX programs with GUI system.

FydeOS for You recently released a special adaptation for Surface Pro 3, 4, and 5. This release is based on FydeOS for PC v8.1 and is a milestone update across the big version. Of these, it is particularly noteworthy to note that:

Add a new Virtual Desktop feature to help you manage open windows more efficiently.

Add richer account sync ingresss, including Chrome apps and browser plug-ins installed in the FydeOS Store.

Integrate sedation depth optimization for Android subsystem stability.

Integrate symuped optimization of Linux subsystem activation startup.

Chromium browser s/he upgrades to 77.0.3865.

The Surface Series is Microsoft’s own hardware brand, and Linux distributions have always had problems with Surface devices. FydeOS overcame the difficulties of releasing a more perfectly adapted version, but there were minor problems: such as the camera’s unusable use, the possibility of unstable Wi-Fi connections, and so on.

FydeOS tablet mode:

FydeOS Releases Surface Pro 3, 4, 5 Special Adaptations

FydeOS tablet mode vertical screen:

FydeOS Releases Surface Pro 3, 4, 5 Special Adaptations

Download address:

下载 FydeOS

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