(Motion chart) OnePlusNord will be pre-installed with Google’s dial-up and SMS app.

In a pre-warm-up video posted today on Instagram, OnePlus confirms that the upcoming new Nord will pre-install Google apps including Google Messages. Google apps are an important part of the Android ecosystem, but many OEMs are used to using their own alternative solutions. Previously, for example, OnePlus pre-installed its own dial-up app and SMS app.

(Motion chart) OnePlusNord will be pre-installed with Google's dial-up and SMS app.

Shawn L., OnePlus Nord’s product director, recently revealed that the device will feature a 90Hz display, and although the company’s latest OnePlus 8 Pro has a high refresh rate, it has been very popular in the past. In conjunction with the 90Hz panel, the touch sample rate has also been increased to 180Hz, which will be great news for gamers. The company has not disclosed the size of the display, but what we do know is that the panel will be cut with a double punch and is an OLED panel.

On Nord, its peak touch sampling rate has been increased from 135Hz on the OnePlus 7T to 180Hz, which can be useful for specific tasks such as games, in addition to the 12GB of memory plus Snap765G, and the increase in the number of memory and processor cores will provide smoother performance for users paying less than $500.