Giant flying ant colonies over the UK can be seen directly in space: experts point to the cause.

Small insects in nature, though humble, once gathered, their power instantly increased thousands of times. At present, India is still suffering from locust plague, the United States has been invaded by bee. Now, Britain has also suffered flying ants sheltering in the sky, and the weather radar mistakenly for “rain.” According tomedia reports, the British weather radar recently detected rain in the south-east of England, but no rain, satellite images also showed that there is no clouds.

Giant flying ant colonies over the UK can be seen directly in space: experts point to the cause.

Later, experts analyzed images of the weather radar and concluded that the particles in the images were larger than raindrops and were more like bugs. Sure enough, soon after, a large number of flying ants were spotted flying through the air. The flying ant colony is very large, stretching back and forth for more than 80 kilometers, and can be directly observed in space.

The Met Office admitted on Twitter: “There was no rain in London, Kent or Sussex, but our radar showed that it was not. . . the radar actually captured a group of flying ants flying over the south-east. “

Meanwhile, british domestic media reported that many children were scared to scream and run away after a large number of flying ant colonies appeared in the area. But it’s not a “vision” and rather some romantic reasons, and these insects are busy in the way of the next generation.

According to relevant experts, the behavior of a large number of flying ants gathered is called “marriage fly”, the unpregnant ant queens before starting to build a new colony to mate with male termites.

Marriage fly is the first time a male ant leaves its own colony and tries to mate with other colonies. According to the Society of Biology, marriage flying is an important stage in the breeding process of ants. During the marriage, the unpregnant queen mates with the male flying ants, then lands and builds a new colony.