Tesla signs Tencent’s “Peace Elite”: Mysterious airdrop box airdrops at Shanghai plant.

What do you think of Truss holding hands with Tencent’s “Peace Elite”? That’s right, it’s airdropped! A few days ago, some netizens reported that Tesla Shanghai super factory door placed an airdrop box, similar to Tencent Mobile game “Peace Elite” airdrop box, some netizens said that Tesla and “eat chicken” cooperation? Just today, Tesla posted a video on its official microblog, confirming rumors of a partnership with the developers of the Peace Elite.

The video shows a number of details, including the drop-off box landing in front of Tesla’s Shanghai superfactory plant, the presence of a Tesla super-charged pile in a transport plane, the first appearance of the purple-painted Model 3, and the presence of a Tesla Semi truck holding an airdrop box on the streets of Shanghai.

It is reported that in the game “Peace Elite” will appear in the Tesla Model 3/X models, they are faster than other fuel cars in the game, and quieter, so that better anti-reconnaissance capabilities.