Chrome for Android is about to welcome the “Download Later” feature option.

Techdows reports that Google is working to improve the Chrome for Android download experience, such as giving users the option to “download later.” When this feature is available, users will not rely on the Download Manager to schedule a Chrome browser to download files on a specific date/time, but will instead pop up a dialog box at the start of the download, optional, “Now,” “In a Wi-Fi network environment,” or “Specify a date and time.”

Previously, when you access edg to the Chrome for Android menu, the browser can only display completed and downloaded items in the download management interface, and does not offer the option to sort by date, size, and name.

The good news is that it won’t take long for us to take advantage of third-party file managers to easily implement more functionality. With flag ingons enabled, Chrome 86 Canary has allowed users to schedule their own download times.

Interested friends can jump to Chrome for Android address bar, search for “download later”, select “Enable” in the drop-down list, and restart your browser.