After Germany, Tesla self-driving advertising in South Korea or is also banned.

Although Tesla is one of the most competitive car companies in terms of “autonomous driving”. But safety, Tesla clearly doesn’t get a good guarantee, because the frequency of accidents caused by the “autonomous driving” feature often puts Tesla on the top of the public opinion. Last week, the District Court in Munich ruled that Tesla’s “Autopolit” ads were “misleading” and prohibited Tesla from using “autonomous driving” ads in Germany. Now, following Germany’s ban on the ad, South Korea is following suit.

The Korea Fair Trade Commission, the FTC, is also reviewing Tesla’s “misleading” ads,media reported.

South Korea’s top antitrust regulator is investigating whether Tesla’s advertising description violates South Korea’s advertising laws. At the same time, the regulator asked South Korea’s Ministry of Land and Transport to clarify “key issues” related to autonomous driving technology.

If the antitrust agency’s investigation is confirmed, South Korea will, like Germany, ban its use of “autonomous driving” advertising.

In response, the Consumer Sovereign Citizens Association, a South Korean non-profit organization, said, “Tesla’s exaggerated ads mislead consumers into thinking that Tesla’s cars are fully autonomous.” “

In practice, many owners believe that Tesla’s self-driving technology is reliable, and after turning on Autopolit, focus on other things, resulting in accidents.

Tesla’s current “Autopolit” feature, which does not currently have autopilot capabilities, is the main reason why Tesla Autopolit ads have been banned in Germany and South Korea.

It’s worth noting, however, that Tesla is still actively promoting its self-driving technology in the global market. Tesla has been publicly claiming that the upcoming FSD has full self-driving capabilities.

And the feature has not been fully pushed to users, the optional price has experienced several price increases, and now the price has reached 8000 U.S. dollars (about 56,000 yuan).

After Germany, Tesla self-driving advertising in South Korea or is also banned.