Behind Tesla’s surge in market capitalisation: Early investors from around the world made a fortune.

Beijing time, July 21 morning news, according tomedia reports, because tesla shares soared, some early investors seized the opportunity to make a fortune. Orestis Palampougioukis, a Dutch software developer, is confident that Tesla’s share price will soar, borrowing 43,000 euros ($49,000) in early October to bet on Tesla, which was only $230.

Behind Tesla's surge in market capitalisation: Early investors from around the world made a fortune.

Since then, Tesla’s stock has jumped nearly sixfold to about $1,500 on Monday. Mr. Parampgilski, who invested 43,000 euros and then $14,000 in personal capital, has so far made some gains by selling some of his shares, and has earned 10,000 euros in addition to paying 7 percent interest on his borrowings to the bank.

“It’s not a gamble for me to buy Tesla stock because I’ve studied Tesla and there’s no doubt that it will dominate the industry,” Mr Parampgilski said. He also said he would hold Tesla shares for decades to come.

Tesla’s retail favorites, like Parampgilski, are a big one. Retail investors in the forum are also debating whether to keep holding stocks in order to get a higher return, or to cash out now. How many retail investors hold Tesla shares? We don’t know, only that about 75 percent of Tesla’s stock is held by big institutional investors and Tesla executives.

Tesla stocks have become one of the most popular retail investor platforms in the United States, such as Robinhood Markets Inc and TD Ameritrade. Within the Robinhood trading app, the number of users holding Tesla shares increased by 400 percent in the first two weeks of July compared with the same period in 2018.

In South Korea, Tesla shares are also popular. So far this year, South Koreans have bought $3.2 billion worth of Tesla stock, 14 times as much as for the whole of 2019. Choi Jong-wan, a former head of the Tesla Motor Club in South Korea, borrowed money to buy Tesla shares after Tesla released the Model 3 in 2016. He also buys Tesla shares for his 7-year-old son, taking advantage of the Korean estate tax.

Choi Jong-wan believes that many fans buy Tesla stock, which is the driving force behind Tesla’s share price. “I’m increasingly confident in Tesla that I’m selling Tesla shares when other automakers come up with better electric cars than Tesla and are competitively priced,” he added. “

Some investors sell shares to cash in and then buy Tesla motors. David, a Marketing expert in California who did not want to give his full name, sold some of his shares and bought a Model 3 in August last year. In 2010, he invested hundreds of dollars in Tesla stock, just after graduating from college, and Tesla just went public, with a stock price of just $29. He later invested another $40,000 and now owns only 180 shares.

“So far, Tesla has given me a good return,” says David. I believe in Tesla’s vision, i believe in Musk. It’s just that the house we bought is going to be renovated, so I’m considering whether to sell some of the shares to cover the renovation. “