Zuckerberg: There’s no secret agreement with Trump.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has been criticized for allowing President Trump to make inflammatory remarks on his platform, but told the media that he has no secret agreement with Trump,media outlet Axios reported.

Zuckerberg: There's no secret agreement with Trump.

Why: Zuckerberg is facing a growing number of brand ads that argue that Facebook is not doing enough to curb hate speech. “I’ve heard this kind of speculation, too, so let me be clear: there’s no deal of any kind,” Zuckerberg told Axios. In fact, the whole idea of a deal is quite absurd. “

“I sometimes talk to the president, just as I do with our predecessors and political leaders around the world,” he said. “

BACKGROUND: Facebook has removed Trump’s ads and posts at least five times since 2018, for personal attributes and copyright infringement.

“Under this administration, we face a record $5 billion in fines, and we are under antitrust investigations by multiple agencies, and we’re targeted by an executive order that strips them of Section 230 protections,” Zuckerberg said. “It is understood that the clause protects technology companies from liability for content on their platforms.

The CEO criticized the government’s response to the new crown virus in a live interview with Dr. Anthony Fauci last week.

Media axios asked Zuckerberg about Trump, who said in a company-wide question-and-answer session Thursday:

“One of the specific criticisms I’ve seen is that a lot of people say that maybe we’re too sympathetic to the Trump administration, or somewhat too close to it.”

“I just want to change a little bit,” Zuckerberg told employees. We need to distinguish between our respective positions and the fact that people are given some room to communicate, and I think both the company and i have this position. “

Zuckerberg went on to point to a number of points that disagree with Trump, “I think immigration policy is not only unfair, but it also puts the United States at a huge disadvantage on the way forward, compared to the opportunities we should pursue … Climate change, I think a move like the withdrawal from the Paris agreement is a big step back for the world… For example, his divisive and inflammatory remarks. “

Axios and other media outlets have reported private conversations between Trump and Zuckerberg, as well as a White House dinner.

“I accepted the invitation to the dinner because I was in town and he was president of the United States,” Mr Zuckerberg said. Anyway, I’ve had a few meals and meetings with obsathas i’m President Ma… Including an event for him at Facebook headquarters. “

“The fact that I met with the head of state should not come as a surprise does not mean that we have reached some kind of agreement.”

Mr Zuckerberg said he believed everyone should be given a chance to speak out, even if he disagreed with their views or practices. “I believe in a broad definition of freedom of speech, especially about political speech, but that’s my principle, and I don’t think anyone would be surprised.”

Asked if he had lost friends because of the policies that influenced Trump, Zuckerberg replied: “The answer is: As far as I know, no!” I think most of my friends understand my values — understanding agreeing with someone and believing that it’s important for them to speak their mind, even if you don’t. Of course there are a lot of people, including my friends, who don’t agree with me, but that’s normal. “

A White House official told The Axios that Trump “has always respected Zuckerberg’s strong support for the First Amendment.” “