AMD Returns to Supercomputing 500: Custom 64 Cores Ranked 59th

Will Taihu Light and Tianhe 2A continued to be third and fourth respectively, while China led the U.S. by 227 units. One other bright spot when you look at the processor alone is that AMD EPYC processor is on the list for the first time, and this is the first time in many years that AMD platform has returned to the top tier.

There are four finalists, the best ranking is “JOLIOT-CURIE ROME” ranked 59th, a set of Atos Bull Sequana XH2000, using a custom Rome second generation EPYC 7H12, 64 core 128 threads, Main frequency 2.6GHz, a total of 2500, 160,000 cores, maximum floating-point performance of 3.686PFlops (3.686 trillion floating-point calculations per second), power consumption of 795kW.

AMD Returns to Supercomputing 500: Custom 64 Cores Ranked Highest 59th

Another second-generation EPYC Supercomputing “Spartan” ranked 433rd, also using the Atos Bull Sequana XH2000 system and the Dragon 7H12 processor, but only 676, 43264 cores, maximum performance of 1.266PFlops, power consumption 219kW.

There are also two sets based on the Naples generation of EPYC , one is “CARA”, ranked 221st, based on the NEC LX Cluster system and Dragon 7601 32 core, a total of 4560, 145920 cores, the maximum performance of 1.746PFlops.

The other is the “Twilight TC6000”, ranked 244th, with the EPYC 7501 32 core, a total of 3150, 100,800 core, and with AMD Vega 20 acceleration card, the maximum performance of 1.661PFlops, power consumption 260kW.

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