Tesla’s home-made Model 3 will sell for $355,800 after three days

Tesla’s (TSLA.US) Standard Life-Plus (Made in China) model, which comes standard with basic driver-assisted features, will reportedly arrive in full store on November 22, starting at 355,800 yuan. Consumers across the country will then be able to visit Tesla China’s official website, Tesla.cn, or travel to tesla experience centers around the country for consultation or experience. At the same time, the car will also be presented at the Guangzhou International Auto Show, officially meet with the public.

Tesla's home-made Model 3 will sell for $355,800 after three days

According to reports, model3 standard battery life upgrade (Made in China) range of 460 kilometers (NEDC estimate), 0-100 km / h acceleration time of the fastest only 5.6 seconds, the top speed of 225 km/h.

To date, the Model 3 sold in China includes three models: the Model 3 High Performance All-Wheel Drive Edition, the Model 3 Long Range Drive Edition, and the Model 3 Standard Battery Extension (Made in China).

Tesla’s Shanghai plant was licensed last week, and this week’s announcement means the domestic Model 3 will be officially sold and delivered, as well as the right to apply for subsidies for new energy vehicles.

Earlier media reports said the first Tesla Model 3 Standard Life Plus (Made in China) is expected to be officially delivered in the first quarter of 2020. Musk predicts that Tesla’s Shanghai plant will produce at least 1,000 vehicles a week by the end of this year, with a target of 3,000 vehicles a week in the future.

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