NASA’s latest podcast focuses on Mars rover Perseverance

NASA’s Johnson Space Center has released the latest issue of the Houston We Have a Podcast audio program, which focuses on NASA’s new Perseverance rover,media reported. NASA is reportedly planning to launch the probe later this summer, with the goal of landing on Mars in February 2021, which will be the agency’s latest deployment on Mars.

NASA's latest podcast focuses on Mars rover Perseverance

In addition to a large amount of educational content, NASA has produced podcasts on a number of topics. One of the podcasts is from the Johnson Space Center in Texas. The team has just released Houston We Have a Podcast Episode 153 – ‘Perseverance’ with NASA JPL Deputy Division Manager for Science S Luther Beegle.

The program describes the history of NASA’s Mars lander and focuses on Perseverance, NASA’s most advanced rover to date. The team plans to launch The Perseverance later this year and land on Mars in early 2021, followed by a Mars exploration mission that includes the deployment of an experimental helicopter that will be the first aircraft to fly on another planet.