Whistleblower Reality Winnder has been diagnosed with new crown pneumonia in prison.

Reality Win, a former U.S. intelligence contractor and whistleblower, tested positive for pneumonia in Xinguan,media reported. Winner’s sister, Brittany Winner, posted the diagnosis on Twitter earlier today (July 20 local time). Reality Win is being held at the federal medical prison in Fort Worth, Texas, where a new crown outbreak has sickened hundreds of inmates and killed at least two.

During the New Crown virus pandemic, Winner was able to seek medical attention on condition of health. However, her early application at Castlewell Women’s Prison was rejected. Shortly afterwards, the prison reported the first case of coronavirus death: Andrea Circle Bear, who died after being given a ventilator. Fort Worth Star-Telegram reported last week that 130 people had been infected with the new crown virus at the prison, while the latest figures from the Federal Bureau of Prisons show that there have been more than 500 such cases. At present, the appeal is pending.

Whistleblower Reality Winnder has been diagnosed with new crown pneumonia in prison.

Winner’s attorney, Joe Whitley, told Law.com’s Daily Report that he hoped the court would consider the outbreak. “I hope BOP can deal effectively with the surge in cases, but I fear that may not be the case.” Brittany Win said the sister had not yet shown symptoms, but one of her cellmates had also been tested for the new crown virus, the Daily Report reported.

Prisons have become one of the most dangerous flash spots in the u.S. new crown virus outbreak. The country’s Justice Minister, William Barr, has ordered prisons to give priority to the release of prisoners for family detention, but numerous reports indicate confusion and delays in the process.

Reality Winner, who worked for the NSA, accepted a spy plea deal in 2018 after leaking a report to The Intercept about Russian meddling in the U.S. election. She will be released in November 2021.