From the photos, Tesla’s Shanghai Gigafactory is equipped with a large number of Midea KUKA robots

Electric car maker Tesla said in its third-quarter results that its Gigafactory in Shanghai had begun trial production, and photos showed a large number of Kuka’s robots on the plant’s production line. Tesla’s third-quarter results, released Thursday local time, were a big change from the previous one, not only reporting third-quarter revenue and other data, as well as electric vehicle production and delivery, but also a special description of the shanghai Gigafactory.

从照片来看 特斯拉上海超级工厂装配有大量美的库卡机器人

Tesla’s Shanghai Gigafactory (pictured, Tesla Reports)

Tesla said in its earnings report that trial production of the Model 3, the Shanghai gigaplant, had begun, and that while no specific trial date had been announced, it said it was trial production before the planned time.

Tesla released nine photos of the Shanghai gigaplant in its earnings report, including the stamping workshop, the body worker, the paint shop, the assembly workshop, the exterior and the plant’s ground-breaking and ready-to-production status.

Notably, Tesla’s announced production line for the body workroom is equipped with a large number of Kuka Robotics’s industrial robots, which are working on the bodywork, and the robot is Kuka’s signature color.

从照片来看 特斯拉上海超级工厂装配有大量美的库卡机器人

从照片来看 特斯拉上海超级工厂装配有大量美的库卡机器人

Kuka robot on the body workline of Tesla’s Shanghai gigaplant (Photo by Tesla)

Kuka, a German industrial robotics company that is now controlled by the group of domestic home appliance maker Midea, made an offer to Kuka in May 2016, offering to buy a stake in Kuka for 115 euros per share, eventually accepting an offer, accounting for 81% of Kuka’s outstanding shares. The deal was formally completed in January 2017, with the Midea spending 3.7 billion euros (at about 29.2 billion yuan at the time). Together with the previous lying stake in Kuka, the company holds 94.55 percent of the company after the deal is completed.

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