Huawei executives responded to Telecom Italia’s exclusion from Huawei: not political.

Italy’s decision has raised concerns following the UK’s ban on Huawei. Recently, the Italian government was revealed to be preparing to change course and consider whether to exclude Huawei from 5G construction. Italia, the country’s telecoms giant, then “shut out” Huawei in bids for 5G core equipment in Italy and Brazil.

(Original title: Huawei executive: Unlike the UK, Telecom Italia’s exclusion of Huawei is not a political reason)

Luigi De Vechis, Huawei’s Italian president, responded in an interview with Italy’s Evening Post on July 20. He said Telecom Italia’s decision was commercial, unlike the UK’s “political decisions.”

“We respect this decision, which is a commercial, not political one, involving many parts of the network,” Mr. Vesz said.

Mr. Visser also said Italy was dealing with cybersecurity in a professional manner, stressing that “for the whole of Europe, the U.S. strategy to boycott Huawei will be a huge loss”.

Huawei executives responded to Telecom Italia's exclusion from Huawei: not political.

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At the same time, Mr. Veitchs also talked about Britain’s ban on China. He said the UK’s ban on Huawei was a geopolitical decision, not a technology-based one. Huawei did not break the rules or threaten data security, and the UK’s decision was “disappointing.”

Huawei will not be replaced quickly and quickly, and “without Huawei, the supply chain would be in trouble, ” Mr. Vesz said. “Some people think it will take three years to replace Huawei, but it’s not, and (I think) it’s going to take at least seven years, ” he said. For the UK, this would cost more than 1.5 billion pounds. We are a private holding company with a broad shareholder base. The Chinese government has taken no action. “

Recently, under pressure from the United States, Britain, France, Australia and other countries have tightened their policies against Huawei. On July 8th the Italian newspaper La Repubblica said Italy appeared to have wavered from China. An Italian political source said the question of whether Huawei would be excluded from the country’s 5G construction was being “considered at the government level”. But the Italian government has not confirmed the news.

Then, on July 9, Italia ruled Huawei out of bidding for 5G core equipment in Italy and Brazil, reuters reported on July 9. The decision had nothing to do with political considerations, the sources said, but was an industry choice made among multiple partners.