Ping Duo duo responded to Tesla: Cars are genuine, and subsidies are true.

On July 21st, Tesla issued a statement denying any cooperation with The Buy car or Ping Duo Duo for the group purchase activity, nor any proxy sales service with Fit to Buy or Duo Ping, nor any sales of Tesla production vehicles to The Buy-Car or Duo Duo for the launch of the PingDuo duo platform’s flagship car store.

Ping Duo Duo responded to Phoenix Technologies by saying it had verified with merchants that the car was genuine for Tesla and that the subsidies were true.

Previously, Ping Duo Duo platform of the yicar car flagship store launched “Tesla China-Model 3 2019 standard after-drive upgrade” of the 10,000-person group purchase activities, group purchase activities price of 251800 yuan, than the official guide price of 291800 yuan is also cheaper than 40,000 yuan.

Ping Duo duo responded to Tesla: Cars are genuine, and subsidies are true.

The product details page, the vehicle for the mileage of no more than 200km of new cars without a license, the customer to buy a follow-up self-insurance, licensing, tax returns. Once the user has successfully ordered, it is advisable to contact the customer to confirm the information and complete the delivery within 30 business days of the customer’s final payment. The relevant delivery is delivered by the Yibuya store unified package mail delivery.

According to the official website of Yibuya, Yibuya was established in 2015, headquartered in Xiamen, is a new retail service platform for automobiles, has received tens of millions of yuan A-round financing invested by the risk peak evergreen, dangerous peak qiyun, as well as 150 million yuan of A-plus round financing jointly led by Lanchi Ventures and GGV Jiyuan Capital.

The company is mainly in the sinking market. Official website information shows that the car is suitable to buy a car claiming to be “the pioneer of a new automobile supermarket”, it to the third and fourth-tier cities cut in, aiming at the secondary distributor model of existing pain points, to solve the car distribution in the “car source, source, trading scene” three core problems. Previously, it is appropriate to buy a car and sell a good car to reach a strategic cooperation.

At present, it is advisable to buy a car has not yet responded to this matter. Ping Duo duo stressed to Phoenix Technology that cars are genuine and that subsidies are true.

This isn’t the first time the Ping Duo Duo group has been questioned by brands. Earlier, Nintendo’s domestic agent, Nintendo Switch, issued a statement saying that neither the Ping Duo platform nor its stores on the platform were authorized by Nintendo to sell Tencent’s Nintendo Switch consoles, official accessories and games.