The installation of Tesla’s Shanghai super factory Model Y stamping equipment has been completed.

Tesla’s super plant in Shanghai is undergoing extensive construction this year, mainly in the production of model Y, a cross-border sport utility vehicle. According to previous reports inmedia, the Model Y production plant at Tesla’s Shanghai super plant completed steel construction in May, followed by construction of the roof, wall and interior, which was largely completed last month.

The installation of Tesla's Shanghai super factory Model Y stamping equipment has been completed.

The latestmedia reports show that in the construction of roofs and so on, Tesla Shanghai Super Factory’s Model Y production plant, is also installing related production equipment, including body stamping equipment, stamping equipment installation, is now basically completed.

Media reported that the installation of Model Y stamping equipment at Shanghai’s super factory had been largely completed, according to news that appeared on social media.

News on social media about the Model Y stamping equipment at the Shanghai Super factory emerged on Saturday, and pictures were released showing the huge stamping equipment having been largely formed, as well as “Liang Daji on the Shanghai Tesla stamping line.”

Media said in the report, referring to the production of the Model 3 production plant layout, Shanghai super plant Model Y stamping workshop, may also be at the end of the plant, and Model 3 stamping workshop may be at the same end.