Microsoft analyzes the gains and losses of telecommuting.

Earlier this year, many technology companies, including Microsoft, had to quickly switch to telecommuting mode because of the new crown outbreak. Microsoft researchers see this as a rare real-time opportunity to show employees how they adapt to the shift. The researchers analyzed anonymous emails, calendars, and IM metadata, compared metadata from previous periods, and interviewed employees.

They found that employees spent an average of four hours a week on the line, because they took time out from time to time to take care of their children or relax, and went online earlier and later to avoid the situation.

Microsoft researchers also found that the weekly meeting time was longer, with a 22 percent increase in 30 minutes or so of meetings and a 11 percent decrease in meetings of more than one hour.

Managers have increased their weekly communication time by 8 hours, and employees who have had one-on-one communication with the manager have the least hours, which means that the manager helps employees better organize their work and optimizes their productivity.

Teleworking promotes virtual socializing, and employees find new ways to socialize online after they can’t socialize offline, such as pyjama days or pet days.                     

Microsoft analyzes the gains and losses of telecommuting.