Microsoft introduces Azure datacenter to Norway

Microsoft’s new Azure data center has been announced in Norway, allowing businesses and organizations to take advantage of the data they store in their home countries. Microsoft has been rapidly expanding its Azure data center reach, expanding in Switzerland in August. Providing customers with local data storage gives businesses and organizations more control over the security of their information and allows them to leverage cloud services while maintaining data compliance.

Microsoft introduces Azure datacenter to Norway

Brad Smith, Microsoft’s president, explained on his trip to Norway:

Our customers entrust us with protecting, manipulating, and developing our platform in a way that keeps their data private and secure. This is a great responsibility that we must not only take on, but must be earned.

With the launch of the new Norwegian data center, several organizations have signed agreements through Azure to support their infrastructure. These include DNB Group, Equinor, L?nekassen and Posten Norge AS.

Microsoft says it will eventually open Office 365 and Dynamics 365 and Power Platform expansions in the Norwegian cloud region sometime next year.

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