Foreign media: Tesla’s Berlin superplant will produce 2 million cars a year.

Beijing time on July 22 morning, according tomedia reports, the latest German media report that Tesla’s European car manufacturing prospects are surprisingly optimistic. According to sources, Tesla’s Berlin superplant could produce as many as 2m vehicles a year – more than double the production at VW’s Wolfsburg plant. The Volkswagen Wolfsburg plant is one of the largest automotive production facilities in the industry.

Media: Tesla's Berlin superplant will produce 2 million cars a year.

Tesla expects the European electric car market to have 12 million vehicles, the report said. If Berlin’s superplant runs at a production rate of 2m vehicles a year, the electric car maker will account for about 16 per cent of the European electric car market.

So far, the plant aims to produce 500,000 electric vehicles a year. However, the plant area where the 500,000 vehicles are produced may be only a small part of the plant’s total area.

The Berlin superplant will be built on a 300-hectare plot of land, which means there is enough room to build other manufacturing-related facilities on the site. Tesla’s Shanghai super plant covers an area of just 86 hectares, but the plant’s Model 3 and Model Y electric vehicle production facilities could produce more than 500,000 electric vehicles a year when completed. With that in mind, the annual production of 2m cars at Berlin’s superplant is not a nightmare.

Tesla’s Berlin superplant is expected to open next year and will produce model Y models for the local market. (Wind)