How many hot dogs can people eat in 10 minutes? Theoretically you can eat 83!

Beijing time July 22, according tomedia reports, July 4, the big stomach king gathered in New York, The United States to participate in the “Nathan swallowhot dog contest”, of course, this year’s hot dog contest is different from previous years, affected by the new crown epidemic, only 10 big stomach contestants, and no live audience. Contestant Joey “Great White Shark” finally set a new world record, eating 75 hot dogs (including bread) in 10 minutes.

How many hot dogs can people eat in 10 minutes? Theoretically you can eat 83!

Surprisingly, Joey says he can eat a few more hot dogs, and in a new study, staff calculated that a person could theoretically eat 83 hot dogs in 10 minutes, similar in speed to grizzly bears devouring their prey.

James Smoliga, a physiologist at the University of High-Appinte in the United States, who was reading about track and field results and had a surprise study, said: “Scientists have tried to use data from previous record holderes to assess the limits of people’s performance in sports events such as marathons or 100-meter sprints, and when I saw a paper on the limits of human running speeds, I suspect edgdog is similar to that.” “

Smoliga began studying a mathematical model created by Stanford University biologist Mark Denny, who used it to assess the maximum running speed that dogs, horses and humans can achieve, saying: “By matching a specific event (in this case, a hot dog race) world record data over a period of time, you can predict the limit performance of that event.” “

Thankfully, over the years, the winning fans have recorded the number of hot dogs they eat, and Danny combines that data with online data to count the last 39 years of the big stomach king record, the final figure spent until 2019. It is reported that the big stomach king hot dog competition from the early 1980s, the initial game time is only 10-12 minutes.

The number of hot dog winners devouring hot dogs has increased from 10 in 1980 to 74 in 2018, a previous world record, but in the past 100 years we have not achieved twice as much growth in the 100-meter sprint and marathon, which means there is a difference between the hot dog race and the sports skills competition.

The continued increase in the number of hot dogs eaten by contestants may be mainly related to the athletes’ usual intensive training, which is associated with eating or drinking heavily for a limited time. The goal is to train the stomach to relax and stretch quickly so that the stomach can eat a lot more food than the average population, said David Metz, a gastroenterologist at the University of Pennsylvania’s Perelman Hospital.

In 2007, Metz recorded the swelling of the stomach of a contestant who had been involved in a test in which a contestant drank 4.5 litres of water in just two minutes, while a man without the experience of a big stomach king drank less than 2 litres of water.

Although an increase of 0.1 seconds in a 100-meter dash depends on the complex processes of the cardiovascular, muscle and bone systems, it is easier to expand someone’s abdomen. This will explain why the number of hot dogs swallowed by the big stomach king has increased in a relatively short period of time.

Smoliga calculations suggest that a person should be able to swallow 83 hot dogs in 10 minutes, but mathematical calculations alone are not enough because mathematical equations do not explain physiological factors. Especially for competitive dieters, the physiological study is not sufficient, so there are still many unknown factors, including the largest volume of the human stomach.

He also stressed that the intake of large amounts of food by amateur stomach kings can lead to serious health problems, which can lead to asphyxia or stomach ruptures, and in short, they should not experience the stomach king at home. (Leaf Town)