Study: Cinnamon has a stabilizing of blood sugar in pre-diabetes patients.

For years, cinnamon has been the subject of many studies, including assessing its potential to help control blood sugar levels, according tomedia reports. Now, Endocrine Society has shared its latest findings. Adding cinnamon to the diet of pre-diabetes patients can help them stabilize blood sugar levels for several weeks, the report said.

Study: Cinnamon has a stabilizing of blood sugar in pre-diabetes patients.


In the new study, researchers conducted a randomized clinical trial of 51 patients with pre-diabetes. It is reported that this affects tens of millions of Americans, their blood sugar levels are higher than normal but below the threshold of diabetes.

Prediabetes means interventions that include lifestyle changes, such as eating less carbohydrateand and refined sugars, and increasing physical activity. The aim is to improve the body’s ability to respond to glucose and manage blood sugar levels appropriately.

Past studies have shown that cinnamon can improve insulin resistance. The new study now provides participants with 3 cinnamon searlyes a day, each lasting 12 weeks, with 500 milligrams of cinnamon. Ultimately, the study found that cinnamon improved fasting blood sugar levels in pre-diabetes patients and improved their body’s response to carbohydrate-containing foods compared to those who took a placebo.

According to the study, none of the participants had side effects or any adverse consequences, suggesting that additional research into this potential benefit was justified.