Dogs can also “face recognition”: the technology application for “dog face recognition” patent.

On the morning of July 22, tian’ano survey data show that recently, Beijing Vision Technology Co., Ltd. has added a number of patent information, one of which is: a dog nose pattern feature point detection method, device, system and storage media. This patent application was filed in December 2018 and was published in July 2020.

The patent basic information summary shows that the detection method of the dog nose feature points in the patent includes: based on the dog nose image and the trained dog nose pattern model, obtaining the coordinate deviation of the dog nose feature point in the dog nose image and the corresponding dog nose pattern reference point; According to the method, device, system and storage medium of the present invention, it can effectively improve the accuracy and real-time detection of dog nasal feature points, as well as the operating rate.

Tian-eye survey data show that Beijing Vision Technology Co., Ltd. was established in October 2011, the legal representative is Inci, the company’s registered capital of 30 million yuan, the scope of business includes technology development, technical advice, technical services, technology transfer, computer system services, application software services.

In July 2019, reported that, according tomedia reports, the domestic AI industry “four small dragons” in the vision technology is expanding its facial recognition technology to other areas, such as the use of training artificial intelligence technology to achieve the function of dog identification.

Similar to the face unlock function on the phone, if you want to accurately identify the corresponding information of the dog, you need to scan and take pictures to enter the information at the mouth and nose. The reason for this information is that the dog’s nose is similar to a human fingerprint, is a unique biological characteristic, even if a dog born a child, the pattern is very different.

On July 20, Alipay Insurance Platform announced the opening of pet nasal recognition technology, which is used in pet insurance for the first time, Global Network reported. At present, this “pet medical insurance” can accept cats, dogs and two categories of pets insured. At the time of insurance, Alipay Insurance Platform establishes an exclusive electronic file for pets based on nasal information. When making a claim, brush the nose pattern to verify the identity of the pet can be one click to complete the claim.