Google Assistant gets personalized audio newsfeed feature

Google announced Tuesday that Its Assistant users can now request personalized audio news feeds using their smartphones or smart speakers, according to slashGear, amedia outlet. According to Google, the new feature is designed to simplify the process of finding audio news related to users’ interests and locations, and the company uses its technology to analyze audio and determine what news each user will hear.

Google Assistant gets personalized audio newsfeed feature

Google already makes it easy to find text-based news on the web through its Google News website, which aggregates content and displays it in part based on users’ own interests. Now, with Google Assistant, people can experience similar content related to audio content, such as easily getting relevant audio news summaries at breakfast.

Users can get these audio news feeds by saying “Hey Google, play me these news stories.” According to the company, this feature supports any smart speaker or phone built into Google Assistant. As soon as a request is made, Google selects a series of short news stories based on the user’s location, preferences, interests, and history.

Examples of news types that users can hear include local weather reports, updates to user-like sports teams, traffic updates, country news, and more. From there, assuming that the user continues to listen after a brief presentation, Google says it will render the content in longer format.

Google Assistant gets personalized audio newsfeed feature

Google Assistant’s latest feature, called Your News Update, has the ability to query news stories related to a specific topic. Google’s content partners include ABC, AP, Politico, PBS, CNN, Cheddar, CBS, etc.

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