Facebook announces 2020 F8 developer conference to be held from May 5 to 6 next year

Facebook has announced plans for its 2020 F8 developer conference,media outlet TechCrunch reported. The company usually presents its latest technology, applications and vision for the future at the conference. The company said the next event will be held from May 5 to 6, 2020 at the McEnery Convention Center in San Jose, California.

Facebook announces 2020 F8 developer conference to be held from May 5 to 6 next year

Interested participants can register at www.f8.com to receive notification and updates when registration is officially open.

Last year, the company introduced the giant Facebook.com redesign through the F8 conference, as well as upgrades and extensions to products such as Messenger, WhatsApp, Dating, Marketplace, and more. The company also showed how to use VR, smart home, hardware and other technology for developers, including Facebook’s Ax and BoTorch programs, to apply new technology.

Facebook has yet to talk about what it will show on F8 in 2020, but says it will have the following features: “Product demos, in-depth discussions, and how technology enables you to unite and create the best jobs, and opportunities.” You can connect with and learn from each other with our global developer community. “

In addition to personalized product messages from F8, the conference provided Facebook with a platform to present its overall vision.

Last year, for example, it was one of a network that tried to become more private and try to retain users. Recently, Facebook’s move suggests that the company is still trying to disrupt its development by launching new products like Libra. But some of the company’s announcements also suggest that it seems painfulto aware of the appeal of other social apps such as Snapchat and TikTok to users. We’ll see if Facebook has any new ways to address these challenges, or how to deal with the bigger, more survivable issues that have led to the rise of antitrust investigations.

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