Curiosity rover takes Mars photo like ‘Rock Prison’

BEIJING, Nov. 20, according to the U.S. space website reported that, at present, NASA’s Curiosity rover captured a Mars “rock prison” photo, showing the rover is in the center of the crater in search of life in a desolate mountain, we seem to be able to feel its persistence and efforts.

Curiosity rover takes Mars photo like 'Rock Prison'

The Curiosity rover captured the desolate rock around the center of The Gale Crater, which resembles a “rock prison.”

Mars is the only robot in the universe to “get into” a known planet, Curiosity, like a “robot stethoscope,” is listening to the heartbeat of Mars, and Mars rovers such as Odyssey are monitoring the planet in orbit.

The Curiosity rover, which is the size of an off-road vehicle and can reach speeds of up to 30 meters per hour, has been exploring the 3.5 billion-year-old crater since it landed at The Gale Crater in 2012 and is now climbing Mount Auris at the center of the crater. On November 1, the rover captured a desolate and beautiful photograph of Mars, showing the vastness of the Martian rock region.

In this photograph, a lone mountain covered in rubble winds its way towards the hillside, with a large hazy rock looming against the background, which is in fact the edge of the Gale crater.

This image, taken from the back of Curiosity, shows the bleak horizon left by the Curiosity rover as it slowly rises from the bottom of Mount Sharp, a lonely scene, but Curiosity is still relentlessly searching for new partners, one of the rover’s main goals being finding conclusive evidence of the existence of Mars-supporting microbes.

Curiosity has not yet found any life on Mars, but it has found evidence of the presence of water, as well as traces of hydrogen, oxygen, phosphorus, carbon and other elements that are considered the “cornerstones” of life.

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