(Picture) Windows 10 Build 20175 Release: Quick access to the taskbar-fixed Edge web page.

Today for Dev Channel users, Microsoft has released a preview update for Windows 10 Build 20175. Some new features were introduced in the new release, the most notable of which was the increased support for AMD processor devices, which were not supported in the previous version of Build 20170.

(Picture) Windows 10 Build 20175 Release: Quick access to the taskbar-fixed Edge web page.

In addition, Windows 10 Build 20161 and previous versions may have received notifications that will expire on July 31, so upgrading to Build 20175 is essential.

One of the new features introduced by Build 20175 is the ability to quickly access fixed websites in the Edge browser. If you click on a site pinned to the taskbar, you’ll see a preview of all instances when you hover over it.

Another new feature is eye Contact for Surface Pro X, which corrects your gaze while you’re chatting on video, so make it look like you’re looking at the camera instead of the screen. Another new feature is allowing users to reset UWP applications in PowerShell, whereas previously they could only be reset in the Settings app.

The full update log is as follows.

Improve websites that are pinned in your Edge browser.

Earlier this month, Microsoft announced a new feature for ALT-TAB between apps and websites, a new productivity enhancement for the Edge browser on Windows 10. Today, Microsoft announced another feature to make you more efficient when browsing the web: quick access to tags on your fixed websites.

(Picture) Windows 10 Build 20175 Release: Quick access to the taskbar-fixed Edge web page.

Clicking on the site pinned to the taskbar now shows all the pages that Microsoft Edge browser has opened, just like any other application with multiple open windows. If you have any comments on this new feature, please let Microsoft know.

This new feature is now available to Windows Insider project members and requires Edge Build 85.0.561.0 and later. It’s important to note that the feature is still in the early preview phase and will not be available on sites that were pinned to the taskbar before the upgrade, but users can re-pin it for experience after removal.

Introduce Reset-AppxPackage.

For some time now, you’ve been able to reset your UWP application in settings – with the preview update released today, it’s now possible with PowerShell. To do this, you need the name of the appx package, so the commands you’re using might look like this.

Get-AppxPackage scalculator. Reset-AppxPackage.

The benefit of enabling this feature through PowerShell is that you will now be able to run reset commands for certain system components that are not currently listed in the settings for reset, such as Start, if needed.

Note that, depending on the nature of the command, if you choose to run it, it will reset your experience back to the default experience and you will lose relevant application data.

Eye Contact connections on surface Pro X are more user-friendly.

Backed by the artificial intelligence capabilities of Microsoft’s SQ1 (TM) processor, Eye Contact can help adjust your gaze on a video call so you look like you’re looking directly at the camera on the Surface Pro X.

(Picture) Windows 10 Build 20175 Release: Quick access to the taskbar-fixed Edge web page.

In the “Other Updates” section, there are new icons for Snip and Sketch and Sticky Notes, but in this release they are separate.