Microsoft Windows 10 Tips app caught: use macOS screenshots.

According tomedia reports, Windows developer Microsoft is apparently already using macOS to take screenshots and post it in its own Windows 10 Tips app. Windows 10 Tips, as the name suggests, helps users discover features bundled with Windows, making it easier for users to master the operating system.

Microsoft Windows 10 Tips app caught: use macOS screenshots.

But as some redditors have noted recently, a screenshot posted in the Tips app is not from Windows 10, but from macOS, and you probably won’t think of what that means for the company that currently has the world’s largest desktop operating system.

So how do you know if this screenshot came from macOS? –Color window control buttons are unique to macOS, whereas in Windows 10, the same buttons are aligned to the right and use different designs.

While Microsoft has been tight-lipped about the mistake, it appears the company has taken quick corrective action. The software giant posted a new version of the image taken on its operating system shortly after Microsoft used macOS as a screenshot in its Windows 10 Tips app for some reason, according to reports on the internet.

For many, though, such a mistake is quite shocking because Microsoft and Apple are competitors in the operating system space. But it seems that this often happens in the mobile industry, where employees of various handset manufacturers are found to be using equipment made by competitors.