Samsung or the Chromebook Nightfury comes with a QLED display.

Samsung is reportedly developing a new Chromebook, code-named “Nightfury,” featuring a QLED display. In fact, as early as February, Chrome Unboxed revealed samsung is developing a new Chromebook machine. Samsung’s high-end Chromebook models are already using an impressive 4K AMOLED display that is also affordable to the average consumer.

Samsung or the Chromebook Nightfury comes with a QLED display.

Recently, sharp-eyed netizens found evidence of Nightfury’s existence in the Chromium repository. Although little known, the new code name is likely to be a successor to the Samsung Galaxy Chromebook.

Earlier this week, The Chrome Unboxed website announced that Nightfury will use screens based on Samsung’s QLED display technology, which has been widely used online in the company’s TV products.

Media found code in a Chromium change submitted to Google’s website today, indicating that Nightfury is a QLED derivative of an existing Samsung Galaxy Chromebook model.

The current Galaxy Chromebook flagship model is equipped with a 4K AMOLED display (from $549 / 3848 RMB) to deliver a fairly vibrant color display and a high-end Chrome OS experience.

If replaced with a QLED screen, it is expected to further lower the threshold for starting. Even if parameters such as color brightness may not be as good as AMOLED, it can still crush a number of competitions with LCD screens.