Delta Air Lines has placed more than 100 people on its no-fly list.

Delta Air Lines CEO Ed Bastian revealed in an interview with NBC News this week that he once again confirmed the need for passengers to wear masks when flying,media reported. The company has put more than 100 people on its no-fly list since May 1, when it began requiring all passengers to wear masks.

Delta Air Lines has placed more than 100 people on its no-fly list.


The measure is intended for those who refuse to comply with Delta Air Lines’ mask policy, and if they are included in the list, they will not be able to fly with the airline indefinitely.

Bastian told NBC: “We have been steadily and quite active in strengthening the implementation of the mask policy. You can’t board a Delta plane unless you put on a mask. If you insist on not wearing a mask after boarding, we will insist that you not fly to Delta Air Lines in the future. We have more than 100 people on this list. “

To be sure, it’s not just Delta Air Lines that has taken the step, but airlines like United have announced similar measures and their own blacklists.

But now these airlines face a very difficult situation – while many people want to go on holiday, they are afraid to fly because of the new crown epidemic and choose to dispel the idea. To do this, airlines have to do more to convince passengers that safety is their company’s top priority — and a real priority, not just a verbal one.