Tesla accused rival Rivian of poaching employees and stealing trade secrets.

Tesla filed a lawsuit Wednesday against rival Rivian Automotive, accusing the company of poaching its employees and stealing trade secrets. Tesla claims that four of its former employees carried highly sensitive proprietary information when they jumped to the competitor, and expressed suspicions that at least two other co-conspirators were killed.

Tesla accused rival Rivian of poaching employees and stealing trade secrets.

Tesla, which describes itself as The Rivian’s “number one target” for information, said it has hired 178 former Tesla employees, about 70 of whom were dug directly from Tesla.

Mr. Rivian has denied Tesla’s allegations. The company said its code requires all new employees to confirm that “they have not and will not introduce the intellectual property of their former employers into The Rvian system.” “

Mr. Rivian was appointed by R.J. Skarling, an MIT graduate, in 2009. Scaringe) was founded and has since gained access to Amazon, T. The funding of Rowe Price, BlackRock and Ford now employs 2,400 people. The company recently denied reports that it plans to move its headquarters and business to Silicon Valley, Tesla’s backyard.

Mr. Rivian has already raised nearly $6 billion and plans to start production of its first electric pickup R1T and SUV model, the R1S, by mid-2021, and has pledged to exceed the vehicles for more than 400 miles and sell for about $70,000.

The company has also won a contract to produce 100,000 all-electric trucks for Amazon, which will go into production once Rivian’s own consumer vehicles begin production.