“I just don’t believe them” – Canadian truck drivers are afraid to enter the United States.

Last week, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced that the Canadian-U.S. border would remain closed for most people, according tomedia reports, and that the situation would continue until at least August 21, after which it could be extended. That means people can’t travel non-essentially between the two countries at the moment — not surprising given the continuing out-of-control situation of the new crown virus epidemic in the United States.


Yet there are a group of people who are allowed to cross the border, and they are Canadian truck drivers. But they seem increasingly reluctant to continue working. Leanne Steves, a long-distance truck driver from Ontario, told CBC News that she was concerned about entering the United States because people there didn’t seem to pay enough attention to the virus, “as if they didn’t care.” Life is normal. Nothing has changed for them. Steves and her husband are understood to be driving trucks across the border each week to transport the goods to California. She described the situation as “horrific” for her. “I pray they don’t open their borders. It’s only going to make everything worse here… They need to protect our country. “

One Reddit post about the news, another truck driver from Dan Carson in Southern Ontario, told Global News that Americans don’t take the virus seriously and “I just don’t trust them.” “

“I don’t believe in ‘them,'” one Reddit user replied. “

It is clear that the concerns of these drivers are not unreasonable. Nearly 4 million cases of new coronavirus infection have been confirmed in the United States, with nearly 143,000 reported deaths, according to the latest statistics from Johns Hopkins University. By contrast, Canada’s latest statistics show that only about 113,705 cases of coronavirus have been detected in the country, and fewer than 9,000 people have died from the virus.