From Concept to Creation: Samsung Tells the Story Behind the Galaxy Fold Design

The arrival of the Galaxy Fold, Samsung’s first folding-screen smartphone, has not been easy. At the same time as selling for up to $2,000, the machine’s screen durability has been slotted by many people. The release date was then from the original April to September. Even so, the company has a strong belief in this new product design. Recently, Samsung published an article on its official blog about the story behind the Galaxy Fold design. Unsurprisingly, we’ll see new models in early 2020.

From Concept to Creation: Samsung Tells the Story Behind the Galaxy Fold Design

(From: Samsung, via BGR)

Titled “From Concept to Creation,” this article details the various stages of the Galaxy Fold folding screen smartphone from concept, research, design, analysis, to roll-out of the finished product.

It studies the folding and expansion of various items, the complexity of the process, and how ordinary people perform these actions. The article reads:

The design team works closely with the engineering team to find the most convenient and beautiful design for folding equipment. The team used a variety of materials, including foam plates and fabrics, and constructed more than 1,000 prototypes to select the final folding design.

The Infinity Flex screen inside the Galaxy Fold is known to provide a 7.3-inch display area when unfolded. This design provides the best portable size in folding.

The design that folds the flexible screen also provides better protection for the device — especially the Galaxy Fold, which costs up to $1980. Embarrassingly, some users still have the SAMSUNG letters on the slotmachine that are easy to drop.

At the same time, Samsung designers have taken into account the galaxy Fold’s six lenses in order to allow users to take photos in a variety of grip states.

Galaxy Fold’s slim ergonomics provide a comfortable grip experience. The size and aspect ratio of the device is specifically optimized for one-handed and hands-on use. This is complemented by features such as multitasking with multi-active windows.

When folded, the front and back of the device have the same volume, shape and size (the same is true of the entire back of the device when expanded), and the weight of the body is evenly distributed on the left and right to maintain a delicate balance.

In addition, the fingerprint sensor placed on the side, just as the user’s thumb fell to it, meaning that unlocking the phone will be quite natural.

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