“Peace Elite” Tesla Skin Online: “The World’s First Refueling Tesla”

On the afternoon of July 23, The Peace Elite announced that the new Tesla models, including the Tesla Model 3 and Model X, will be launched tomorrow, offering pearly white, cold-light silver and fantasy purple colors. In The Peace Elite, the two Tesla models feature a “unique panoramic glass roof, combined electric drive and all-wheel drive” design. Called let you easily conquer any terrain, sweep the thousands of troops on the island, experience the thrill of the world!

Because the “Peace Elite” in the vehicle need to pick up gasoline barrels to refuel, the game’s new model has also been described by netizens as “the world’s first refueling Tesla.”

Previously, “Peace Elite” has “Maserati” skin, generally spend more than 1000 yuan to draw, this sout of Tesla “fantasy purple” I am afraid to empty the children’s pockets.

According to the latest data from Sensor Tower, a research firm, Tencent’s PUBMobile and Peace Elite attracted more than $226 million worldwide in May 2020, up 41% from the same period last year and the world’s top mobile game bestseller.